Monday, July 27, 2009

Blockbuster Foodie Movie Contest

*Update: The winners are J, kidzmustplay & Kimberly. I'll email you soon with your Blockbuster codes. J, please send me your email address soon (your profile and blog are set to private) If I have not heard from you by 8 PM EST tomorrow (Sunday August 2nd), it will be awarded to runner up Cynious.
I am excited to share a new contest with all of you. Allison Meets World is having a foodie movie contest! The folks at Blockbuster have an awesome prize for three lucky winners: a promotion code for a one-month subscription to Blockbuster's Total Access, worth $19.99 a month. How cool is that ? : D

Each code includes:
- Unlimited DVDs through the mail (3-out at a time)
- 5 free in-store exchanges per month
- No due dates or late fees
- Online retail discounts
- No extra charge for Blu-ray

Here are the rules:
- One entry per person, per household, per email address
- One prize per person, per household, per email address
- The prize must be accepted as awarded. No substitutions will be made.
- Entries will be accepted from Monday, July 27, 2009 at 9:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time to Friday, July 31, 2009 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Three winners will be announced on Saturday, August 1, 2009.
- The winners will be the first three people to answer all 10 Blockbuster Foodie Movie questions correctly. In the event no entrant gets all 10 answers correct, the winners will be the first three entrants with the largest amount of correct answers. Example: If there are four people with nine correct answers & nobody with ten correct answers, the first of those three will be the winners.
- How do you enter the contest ? Simply post your ten trivia question answers in this thread. Partial / incomplete entries will be disqualified.
- Winners will be emailed their Blockbuster Total Access promotion codes. So I must be able to contact you. Make sure to leave your blog address on your contest entry. Or email me at AllisonMeetsWorld(at) after you post your entry and let me know "Hey, I am Mary and here's my email address. My entry was the one by Mary, posted at 7PM on July 28." Make sure the subject line is "Blockbuster Foodie Movie Contest."
- If Allison Meets World determines there is any suspected or actual tampering with the trivia contest, AMW reserves the right to void the tampered entries.

Here are your trivia questions. Good luck! After entering, be sure to vote in the Blockbuster Foodie Poll

1.) In Bridget Jones's Diary, What kind of soup does Bridget Jones end up serving her dinner guests after her unsuccessful attempt at preparing a gourmet meal?
A. French Onion Soup
B. Blue String Soup
C. Canned Tomato Soup
D. Lobster Bisque

2.) In Waitress what does Keri Russell’s character, Jenna, name her diner?
A. Pie Heaven
B. Joe’s Pie Diner
C. Lulu’s Pies
D. The Sweet Shop

3.) Where do the two main characters in Sideways travel before one of them gets married?
A. California Wine Country
B. The Gulf Coast
C. The Rocky Mountains
D. The Grand Canyon

4.) What are the factory workers called in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory / Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory?
A. Oomp- Loompas
B. Sugar Men
C. Sweetsies
D. Chocos

5.) What movie does, “Secret’s in the sauce!” come from?
A. Spanglish
B. Heartburn
C. Tortilla Soup
D. Fried Green Tomatoes

6.) In Lady & the Tramp, what type of cuisine do Lady and Tramp enjoy on their date?
A. Spaghetti
B. Hamburgers
C. Enchiladas
D. Ice cream

7.)In Under the Tuscan Sun ,who does Diane Lane’s character, Frances Mayes, start cooking for when she moves to Tuscany?
A. Husband
B. Brother’s family
C. Contract workers
D. Neighbors

8.) What is the name of the chef Queen Latifah’s character, Georgia Byrd, idealizes in Last Holiday?
A. Chef Didier
B. Julia Child
C. Chef McCracken
D. Wolfgang Puck

9.) What kind of sandwich does Adam Sandler’s character, Chef John Clasky, make himself in Spanglish ?
A. Fried Egg
B. Peanut Butter
C. Turkey

10.) When John Corbett’s character, Ian Miller, in My Big Fat Greek Wedding tells his fiancĂ©’s aunt he doesn’t eat meat, what alternative does she suggest?
A. Tofu
B. Fish
C. Lamb
D. Starvation