Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Better Chip

The AMW family is big on snacking. Whether it's a car trip or an evening movie, somebody will be packing yummy food to take along. Our munchies of choice are usually sugar free drinks, dip, fruit or veggies and something with crunch (nuts, granola, crackers or chips). Snacker that I am, I was super excited when The Better Chip recently offered me the chance to taste two new flavors!

AMW readers may remember my previous taste test of The Better Chip's jalapeno & sea salt, sweet onion & cheddar and red pepper & salsa fresca flavors. So I'll be reviewing the corn chips with sea salt and the newest flavor, spinach & kale corn chips.

Corn With Sea Salt
"Made with fresh corn with sea salt"


I am a huge fan of fresh tortilla chips. Whenever I go out for Mexican food, I am the first one with my hand out for the hot, lightly salted chips and the spicy salsa. Which is why these corn chips tasted so good to me! They're crunchy, have a fresh corn taste and are sprinkled with just the right amount of salt. The only thing I need now is a lime drink and an enchilada to go along with the corn chips. Yum!   

On top of that, I am impressed with the simple ingredient list: corn masa flour, whole corn, sunflower and / or canola oil, sea salt. I don't need a dictionary to figure out those ingredients. Fresh corn off the cob and double thick corn masa are food I'll gladly eat or cook with. In contrast, I had bought a bag of candy the other day and choked at the number of mystery ingredients listed on the package. Eeek!  

Spinach And Kale Corn Chips
"Made from fresh spinach & kale with sea salt."





I am a life long spinach eater. Every from spinach alfredo pizza to spinach stuffed mushrooms, you can count me in. Kale, however, is a veggie I've only recently started consuming. I started out with a kale-ginger smoothie earlier this year. Then I bought a bagged kale salad. Call me a kale convert!

I was curious how those flavors would translate to The Better Chip's spinach and kale chips; because whenever I buy spinach tortilla wraps, I find myself thinking "These look green, but I really don't taste spinach." Not a problem with the spinach & kale corn chips, though. These hearty, crunchy snacks have light, distinctive, fresh from the garden flavors. I recommend pairing this flavor with hummus. It's an amazing combination!

The Better Chip's spinach & kale chips are available in 2 oz snack packs or 6.4 oz deli packs. In addition, they are gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and made in a "completely nut-free environment." Plus the green color comes from fresh kale and spinach, not food coloring. 

Red Pepper And Salsa Fresca
"Made with 40% fresh red pepper so the flavor is inside"



Jalapeno And Sea Salt
"Made with 40% fresh jalapeƱos so the flavor is inside"


Sweet Onion and White Cheddar
"Made with 40% fresh onion so the flavor is inside"



In addition to the samples above, The Better Chip also sent me a wicked cool t-shirt. I can't wait to wear this when I go hiking again next week. Y'all know I'll be bringing some tasty The Better Chip snacks in my pack, too : ) You can't go wrong with The Better Chip , whether you're throwing a party, looking for road trip snacks or shopping for a gluten free family member.