Thursday, January 06, 2011

Partique Party: Cascal All-Natural Soda

"Fermented For A 'Grown-Up' Taste"

There's one thing I look forward to every holiday season: uniquely flavored sodas. I don't want plain cola or kiddie punch with my Christmas dinner. I crave something bold, flavorful and grown up. The downside, though, is not being able to find those awesome sodas the rest of the year.

Fortunately, there is a solution to that post-holiday soda hunt. Partique and Cascal All Natural Soda offered me the opportunity to host a Cascal taste test party over the Christmas holiday. Their five flavors of soda are fermented yet non-alcoholic, all natural and no sugar added. Plus Cascal is available year round at Whole Foods. Which makes me very happy! In addition, Partique and Cascal sent super nice favors (a cookbook, t-shirt and coupons) for my party guests.

Cascal Fine Dry Fermented Soda, With Notes of Apple and Anise
37% Juice and 80 Calories Per Bottle

The Apple-Anise soda was quite refreshing. The scent upon opening the bottle was similar to a good beer. The slight apple taste was pleasant, too. I recommend serving this variety at a cookout with a good steak.

Cascal Light Red Fermented Natural Soda, With Notes of Black Currant and Mirabelle
19% Juice and 60 Calories Per Bottle

The one variety that everyone rated so-so. A slightly meek pear flavor with a pinch of pomegranate was the closest any of us could detect (pear and pomegranate were on the ingredient label). Black currant didn't shine through. I wasn't sure what Mirabelle was, until I googled it.

Cascal Fine Dark Fermented Natural Soda, With Notes of Honey And Malt
38% Juice and 80 Calories Per Bottle

A+ for Honey and Malt, the hands down favorite with the AMW family. This beverage was similar to molasses flavored ginger ale. Pair this variety with a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey and stuffing. You can't go wrong with that!

Cascal Crisp White Fermented Natural Soda, With Notes of Pear, Apricot and Magnolia
31% Juice and 70 Calories Per Bottle

The dominant flavor was peach first (it's on the ingredient list) and pear second. Apricot was not noticeable. I'm unsure how magnolia is supposed to taste. Aside from that confusion, I would definitely buy Pear, Apricot and Magnolia. I love the dry, slightly sweet taste. The best pairing, in my opinion, is a salad of grilled chicken and mandarin oranges.

Cascal Ripe Rouge Fermented Natural Soda, With Notes of Cherry, Chocolate and Rose
34% Juice and 60 Calories Per Bottle

The first sip will remind of you of high quality cherry soda. The aftertaste is reminiscent of rich, dark cocoa nibs. Rose is hard to detect. Overall, a splendid flavor. A perfect beverage to serve with a light dessert, after a hearty German meal.

I was very impressed with the flavors of Cascal All Natural Soda. I'll definitely pick up a couple cases for my next party. And probably a few to go with dinner, too!

I'm unable to fit all of my party photos into one post. Visit Partique to view the rest of the pictures. You can also apply to host upcoming Partique parties of your own, when applications are posted over there.