Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Anchorage restauraunts = More ideas, please !

I'm looking for recommendations about restaurants in Anchorage, since I'm new to the area. Any help is appreciated : )

Inlet View Espresso, Anchorage, Alaska

Inlet View Espresso
Ship Creek Center
333 W. 4th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska

The sandwiches at this cafe are not impressive. Don't get me wrong, the sandwiches were not poorly made or anything of that nature. It's just not worth $5 for one made from Kraft slices, some ham and the cheap brand of bread most of us buy at Carr's.

The selection of smoothies and desserts, however, is quite extensive and seems promising.

The Winter Thyme, Anchorage, Alaska

The Winter Thyme
735 K St # E
Anchorage, AK 99501

On my second day in Anchorage, I ate at Winter Thyme. The restaurant bills itself as presenting comfort food at low prices. I don't consider $20 for their buffalo meatloaf to be cheap, but then again I'm from the lower 48 : D

I did not order said meatloaf. What I chose was the salmon won tons. They came with a nice, tangy sauce containing a slice of mandarin orange and a side of lettuce. Absolutely delicious !

I won't be visiting Winter Thyme often, due to the prices. But I think it's a wonderful restaurant for a special occasion dinner.

*02/05/09 Update: The Winter Thyme is out of business, according to their MySpace page.

Sullivan's Steakhouse, Anchorage, Alaska

Sullivan's Steakhouse
320 W 5th Ave # 100
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 258-2882

My roommate and I ate at Sullivan's Steakhouse recently. The restaurant is horribly noisy, even when the musicians take a break from playing. I ordered the blue cheese meatloaf. The cheese was ground up too much to leave a noticeable taste. The beef was great, but too heavy on the bourbon sauce, onions and mushrooms. The accompanying mash potatoes were nothing special.

My roommate ordered a Caesar salad and crab cakes. Here is what she thought of it:
"The crab cakes were okay. Not great, though. They were actually kind of bland. They needed more of the seasoning. The salad needed more dressing. It was pretty bland, too."

I don't think either of us will go back to Sullivan's any time soon.