Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Carmex Moisture Plus: Orange Lip Balm

Living in Florida, you know I love oranges. But it's definitely a challenge finding orange flavored lip balms out here that aren't waxy, glitter coated or aimed at the 12 and under crowd. The Carmex Blog Squad has a great solution, though. They sent me a tube of Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm in orange flavor. And it rocks!

Orange Carmex Moisture Plus comes in a cute, retractable tube. It fits perfectly in a purse or a beach tote. And trust me, ladies, you'll be glad you've brought orange Carmex Moisture Plus to the beach. Protecting your lips with orange Carmex Moisture Plus' SPF 15, aloe and vitamin E is just good sense. A day in the sun and surf can leave your lips in need of TLC if you don't take preventive action.

Orange Carmex Moisture Plus has a light, heavenly taste of homemade orange creamsicles. I also detected yummy notes of lime in the lip balm for some reason. Even better, orange Carmex Moisture Plus glides on smooth and doesn't have an artificial taste or leave your lips waxy, sticky or glitter covered. Yep, we have found lip balm with a great taste and no glitter. Can I get an amen ?

I can't wait till the orange flavor of Carmex Moisture Plus hits the stores. It'll make a great Mother's Day present!

Side note: Other Carmex Mositure Plus Lip Balms are available exclusively at Walgreens and