Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weight Watchers ad, part 2

Some of you may remember this past post about Jennifer Hudson in a Weight Watchers ad. I came across a new one tonight. Clicking on the picture took me directly to a Weight Watchers site, so it's for real. Take a gander: 

 So many problems here!
- Looks like Jennifer was standing when this photo was shot. Yet someone added pulled down, incorrectly positioned pants and part of a chair to look like she's sitting.
- Why does her left hand have a large white object sprouting from the pinkie ? I tried to enlarge the photo on my desktop and it seems to be a random finger added on. YMMV
- Jennifer's right hand ? Nobody poses with their hand at that odd angle. Seriously, I tested out this pose myself over here.  
- WW photoshopped Jennifer to have big man hands and shrunken arms yet again. I'm getting flashbacks to the little armed t-rex from Meet The Robinsons.  
- Pretty sure Jennifer's head was added into the picture. Either that or they tried messing with the size / angle of her neck and head
- What is that white line on Jennifer's right shoulder ?