Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dinner ala Kraft

I am on the email list for Kraft. Most of the recipes they sent me today sounded really good. But then I came across this in the middle of the email:

I thought at first Kraft meant you should make a casserole from Capri Sun, apples and macaroni [I must be really exhausted from final exams]. That aside, who would find that to be a filling dinner ? If cooking dinner is that much trouble, wouldn't it make more sense just to eat at a restaurant ?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Altoids Sours, Part II

The last time I reviewed Altoids Sours, I tasted the mango flavor. Here is the latest batch:

- Raspberry Sours = At the first taste, the raspberry Altoids are great. I was pleased not to encounter the usual sickly sweet artificial taste most raspberry candies possess. The problem was that the taste got worse the longer the candy was in my mouth. They just didn't taste like raspberry after a certain point.
- Citrus Sours = Remember the lemon-lime Tic Tacs I reviewed ? Yeah, these aren't much better. More candy that tastes like Lemon Pledge : X
- Tangerine Sours = After the raspberry and citrus tastings, I thought I was in for another disappointment. But Altoids actually did this flavor right. The tangerine ones actually evoke the full flavor of eating a juicy tangerine.

Luna Elixir

I received a sample of Luna Elixir in the mail today. It is a powdered drink mix that only requires adding water. The suggestion on the 1/2 oz package of Orange Passion fruit was to add 8 oz of water for "juicy, full flavored" taste, 12 oz for "tad sweet" and 16 oz for "flavored water." I went with the 8 oz suggestion. The scent I encountered after adding the water was a nice orange aroma. The taste was similar to a less intense orange juice. The aftertaste is a really pleasant bit of passion fruit.

Amy's Indian Samosa Wraps

"We took lightly spiced organic potatoes, peas and tofu and wrapped them in a wheat tortilla and baked it. The result is outrageously delicious."

The bolded parts are what I disagree with. The wheat tortilla by itself is delicious, but the filling is another story. The amount of turmeric is horribly overpowering. Also, the color of the filling is gross. Mushy bright green bits + mushy bright yellow bits = not very attractive sight. Bleh. Trust me,the picture on the box was not an accurate portrayal.

Amy's Country Dinner

This meal from Amy's consists of vegetarian Salisbury steak, gravy,mashed potatoes, green beans and apple crisp. The Salisbury steak is made from grains, walnuts and a little bit of cheddar cheese.

- I am not a big fan of Salisbury steak most of the time. I have too many memories of the U.S. public school system's version of it : P However, Amy's vegetarian Salisbury steak was tender and flavorful. I really could taste the small amount of cheddar in it.
-I've always hated green beans. The smell of boiled [canned]green beans makes me gag. But this side dish was the complete opposite of what I expected. The green beans smelled wonderful and were very fresh tasting.
- The amount of gravy on the steak was moderate, which I liked.
-The mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy.
-The apple crisp was another pleasant surprise. Anyone who's had apple crisp in a frozen meal knows it tends to be mushy and sub par, at best. That was not the case this time. The apples were fresh tasting and deliciously seasoned.