Friday, September 11, 2009

Organica Deluxe: Ginger Cookies

"Baked fresh in small batches, the organic ingredients make these darker and richer than traditional ginger cookies. Topped with sugar crystals, these oversized treats are the perfect compliment to your morning latte, hot tea or a cold glass of milk."

Last week, I entered an Organica Deluxe contest. I ended up winning two Organica Deluxe ginger cookies. How awesome is that ?

These ginger cookies were soft, lightly sugared & fresh tasting. They absolutely melted in my mouth. I was pleased with the ingredient list, too:

"Organic flour, organic cane sugar, organic butter, organic molasses, organic eggs, organic ginger, organic cloves and other natural spices."

I'll definitely be sending Organica cookies to people for the upcoming holidays. Thumbs up for Organica Deluxe!