Monday, April 08, 2013

Carmex Blog Squad: Carmex Healing & Hydrating

It's been a stressful month, dear readers. My computer had to be fixed after a melt down, winter lasted longer than usual and my work hours have been cut. On top of that, my skin dries out whenever I am this stressed. The bright note, though, is that I received a package from the Carmex Blog Squad. In the box was a beautiful, comfy yellow Carmex jacket and two full sized Carmex tubes.

Some of you may remember a previous post where I reviewed Carmex's healing cream and healing lotion. Both products now feature new packing and contain more lanolin (which is key to healing dry skin). Let's take a look at some of the other changes, too.

Carmex healing cream
- Then: Had a vanilla frosting scent that morphed into vanilla plus lemon or lime.
- Now: The new scent initially reminded me of vanilla (but not vanilla frosting)  and sunscreen. The smell changed to lemon, vanilla and sunscreen when placed on the skin.
- Then: Healing cream dried quickly. Hands became soft and smooth.
- Now: Healing cream dries quickly, but not as as fast as the healing lotion. Hands became even more soft and smooth.
- Then: Not greasy. Great on dry, rough skin
- Now: Still not greasy. Is concentrated and can be used in small amounts.

Carmex healing lotion
- Then: Smelled like honey and vanilla
- Now: A lighter lemon and sunscreen scent
- Then: Had a thick and waxy feeling, more so than the healing cream
- Now: No thick or waxy texture. Is much closer to a creamy texture
- Then: Dries quickly
- Now: Dries even faster
- Then: Contains aloe and vitamin E. Can be used daily
- Now: Has aloe and vitamin E, plus a patent pending new solution that  "delivers healing and moisturization without a greasy feel."

I feel that Carmex's healing lotion and cream have changed in positive ways. Both formulas helped bring my skin from stressed, dry and patchy back to nourished, healthy, hydrated and lovely. I also received repeated requests in the AMW house for "Can I borrow your new Carmex ? It works so good on me!" And with Mother's Day coming up, Carmex healing lotion and healing cream would be perfect in a gift basket for the ladies in your life.

Speaking of lucky ladies (or gentlemen. We're equally opportunity when it comes to skin care!): One AMW reader will receive a set of Carmex cream and lotion. Leave a comment below with your name, email address and what your Mother's Day plans are. One reader will be chose in a random drawing. Carmex will directly mail the prize to the winner. One entry per person, please. The contest will run from 11:30 PM EST on April 8, 2013 and end on April 18, 2013 at noon EST.