Friday, February 09, 2007

Brach's Rich and Dreamy Assorted Cremes

Brach's Rich and Dreamy Cremes come in five flavors: vanilla bean, orange sorbet, raspberry parfait, cherry jubilee, and double dutch chocolate.

Raspberry Parfait Chocolatey Cremes
The inside is a freakish lavender color, bordering on pink. The label says "artificially flavored"; the creme definitely didn't have any kind of raspberry taste. The ingredient list includes "Red 3, Blue 1 and Yellow 6." 'Nuf said :P

Cherry Jubilee Chocolatey Cremes
The filling was a bright red. And when I say bright, I mean like the bleeding armadillo cake from Steel Magnolias. Or Sesame Street's Elmo tossed into a blender. The taste was even worse than the color. Picture eating a piece of chocolate and washing it down with an entire bottle of cherry cough syrup. It's really that bad : X

Double Dutch Chocolatey Cremes
Really, I should know better by now than to eat anything with the word "chocolatey" on the label. It's not chocolate and it's not satisfying to eat. This one was wasn't horrible like the previous two samples, but it wasn't that great either. Brach's is basically on par with the chocolate made by Palmer's;[cheap-o] people give it out at kiddy parties and around the holidays, but no one buys it for themself because it's so low quality.

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