Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wrigley's Kona Creme Gum

I received a pack of Wrigley's Kona Creme gum from my mother recently. The pack had been sitting in her purse for a couple days because "I tried it the other day and didn't like that gum. It leaves a bitter aftertaste. You know I don't drink coffee." I don't drink coffee either. I love coffee ice cream, coffee candies and those coffee smoothies from Barney's, but not the actual drink.

I ended up liking the taste of the gum. It left a pleasant, definitely not bitter coffee taste in my mouth. Just one problem, though: With mint gum, you want the taste to linger. With coffee flavoring, I want to wash the taste down with a pastry. Who wants to go around with coffee breath all day ? This product would definitely fall under novelty candy for me. It's nice to try once, but I wouldn't buy it again.

**The coffee gum was not listed in Wrigley's website. What I did find was this explanation and review from

  • Impulsive Buy

  • ....For those who don’t know, Kona coffee is considered to be one of the premium coffees in the world and it comes from a little town called Kona, which is a tourist destination, much like Oahu’s Waikiki or Maui’s Lahaina, except significantly smaller and without any transvestite prostitutes....

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