Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hershey's Bliss: Milk Chocolate With Creme De Menthe

A friend of my mother mentioned she'd found Hershey's Bliss with a creme de menthe filling at CVS Pharmacy. I made a trip over to CVS today just to find the candy.

The Creme De Menthe Bliss were in an attractive brown and green package. There was a shiny silver star, gold ribbon writing that spelled out "Bliss" and a picture of a mint filled Bliss candy split in half. After seeing such a festive bag, I was inclined to expect a top notch candy.

The candies had a moderate, fairly nice mint smell. The milk chocolate smell was heavier than the mint, though. [I noticed the same problem with the mint milk chocolates in Hershey's Miniatures: Mint Collection.] The milk chocolate was smooth and creamy. The creme de menthe center gave me a pleasant taste for a second. Then it evolved into a toothpaste mint flavor. Bleh ! A peppermint center would have tasted much better.

Thumbs down for Hershey's Bliss: Milk Chocolate With a Creme De Menthe Meltaway Center.

*ETA: I see I'm not alone in my opinion of mint Bliss.

  • Gigi-Reviews
  • noticed the toothpaste taste, too. Take note, Hershey: toothpaste mint + chocolate = wrong.

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