Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baskin-Robbins Soft Candy: Mint Chocolate Chip

"Our all-new Baskin-Robbins Soft Candy is the every day, any moment indulgence. Baskin-Robbins® Soft Candy is the newest way to enjoy the delicious flavors of Mint Chocolate Chip and Very Berry Strawberry ice cream anywhere, at any time! And, since they're also available in Sugar Free, they are the perfect way to indulge on your terms."

I bought a box of Baskin Robbins Soft Candy the other day. I had tried their ice cream flavored hard candies before and enjoyed them.

The box had a nice mint smell. Each piece was individually wrapped in silver foil, with the Baskin Robbins logo stamped on it. The candies were a pale green color and had tiny chocolate specks. The soft chew did not have the nice mint smell of the box. Instead, they smelled like plastic and mint. The AMW family rated them as as "really soft" and "mint flavored plastic, taffy and gum rolled into one piece."

Big thumbs down for Baskin-Robbins Soft Candy.

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