Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Russell Stover Outlet, Santee, South Carolina

Russell Stover Outlet
9083 Old Number Six Hwy
Santee, SC 29142
(803) 854-2127

These are the candies I bought at the Russell Stover store:

Dark Chocolate Mint Dream
"Fluffy Mint Cream Covered in Dark Chocolate"

Each Mint Dream was individually wrapped and weighed 1/8 oz. The Dreams were hefty sized lumps of chocolate. I had quite a gooey mess on my hands after cracking open a candy. The mint filling tasted like marshmallow flavored toothpaste. I was disappointed by the Mint Dreams.

Candy Kitchen Values: Sugar-Free Toffee Novelties

These were chocolate covered toffee pieces. The toffee was buttery and firm, but still chewable. There was not enough milk chocolate coating for my taste.

Candy Kitchen Values: Sugar-Free Coconut Novelties

I enjoyed these chocolate covered coconut candies. They reminded me of Mounds Bars. The amount of coconut was substantial. The top and bottom layers of chocolate were thick.

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