Saturday, February 28, 2009

Total Cranberry Crunch

"Lightly sweetened whole wheat flakes, crunchy oat clusters, and real chewy cranberries, just bursting with flavor."

Today I received a sample of Total Cranberry Crunch in the mail. I used to buy the original variety of Total, so I thought I would like this one, too.

- Whole wheat flakes = I enjoyed the crunchy wheat taste. I disliked the strong honey and cinnamon scent.
- Oat clusters = Had too much of a brown sugar flavor
- Real chewy cranberries = The cranberries were plump and juicy. However, those had the honey and brown sugar smell, too.

I was a bit puzzled why I kept tasting brown sugar, honey and cinnamon in a cranberry cereal. The ingredient list mentioned brown sugar, honey, brown sugar molasses, brown sugar syrup and cinnamon as sweeteners. Is it any wonder there's 16 grams of sugar in a 1 1/4 cup serving ?

With a high sugar content and a terrible taste, it's a thumbs down for Total Cranberry Crunch. Skip this cereal and have a bowl of fresh fruit instead.

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