Monday, September 21, 2009

POMx Iced Coffee

"A delicious blend of antioxidants, caffeine and rich coffee"

Confession time: I don't drink hot coffee. Iced coffee, though, I love. Sipping an iced coffee at the park is just so relaxing to me. The downside to that past time is spilling your cup on the drive to the park : P But there is a solution to that: POMx Iced Coffee. Their coffees come in cute, portable bottles you can toss in your tote bag for a day at the park.

POMx comes in three yummy flavors: vanilla, chocolate and cafe au lait. Some of you are probably wondering "Wait, isn't POM a fruit juice ? I don't want juice in my coffee." No worries. Only the pomegranate antioxidants are in POMx iced coffee, not the actual pomegranate flavor. Plus, this beverage is preservative free and made with hormone-free milk.

Aside from drinking the POMx iced coffee, I liked trying it in recipes. For breakfast, I recommend a glass of POMx cafe au lait, fruit, toast and cafe au lait butter. The cafe au lait butter was easy to make. Just mix a smidge of the POMx and some butter in a small bowl with a fork. Don't add too much, as you just want to add the flavor and not make the butter soggy.

For dessert, I added 1/4 cup POMx cafe au lait to a chocolate chip cookie mix. That was the best idea ever. Like chocolate chip cookies aren't addictive enough! X D

As a late night snack, I would suggest the chocolate POMx. I had a bowl of black pepper popcorn and the chocolate flavor. That was a very odd combination, but absolutely delicious. (I sort of get the whole chili and chocolate craze now) I dipped the popcorn in the chocolate POMx. What, it tasted good.

Thumbs up for POMx Iced Coffee *skips off to produce aisle for more*

POMx cafe au lait & POMx chocolate iced coffees

POMx cafe au lait & POMx chocolate iced coffees

POMx chocolate iced coffee and black pepper popcorn

POMx cafe au lait iced coffee and toast with POMx cafe au lait butter

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