Saturday, April 23, 2011

Freschetta By The Slice & Simply Inspired Pizza

My favorite meal on a busy, hectic day is pizza. But who has time to make pizza from scratch or wait for the pizza delivery guy, when you're hungry and there's a million things on your to-do list ? If you're anything like me, you've already thought ahead and bought some Freschetta Pizzas on a previous shopping trip, for just such a day.

Speaking of time savers: This week, the Freschetta Fresh Connection bloggers panel sent me an awesome package: a Freschetta storage set (six pieces) and coupons to try Freschetta By The Slice Pizza and Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza. The box arrived when I was bustling around the house, getting ready for work the next day. I had been thinking "What on earth will I fix everyone for dinner tonight ? And why don't we have any more tupperware for my lunch box tomorrow ? Did you guys eat my tupperware when you ate all my dinner ingredients ?" So after finding the package at the door, I made a quick Freschetta run to the store, came home to cook the pizzas and packed lunches in the wicked cool storage set. I was one happy lady that day!

Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizza

"Bringing vibrant flavors to life, this pizza offers a creamy tomato and garlic pesto sauce, roma tomatoes and roasted garlic topped by a blend of premium cheeses (provolone, sharp parmesan and smoky asiago)"

Freschetta coupon

Variety tasted: Classic Bruschetta

Cooked in: 20 minutes in an oven

Serving size: 8 slices

Toppings: The tomatoes were very fresh, plump and juicy.

The first flavors that hit me: asiago and parmesan.

Sauce: is creamy, but there isn't enough of it. Gets absorbed into cheese. Tomato sauce flavor kicks in after bites of cheese and the pesto sauce.

Overall flavor: Definite garlic taste. Just the right amount

Crust: is perfect amount of crisp and flaky. Not cardboardy. Is buttery and indulgent! Underside of crust looks like pita bread.Has the right amount of cheese to crust ratio

Bonus points for: Fresch Taste Seal packaging. It locks in flavor, requires less packing and peels open easily. No more yanking at plastic shrink wrap to open a pizza and great for the environment!

Overall opinion: A+ for a pizza with rich, bold flavors, fresh ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Definitely buying 2 or 3 pizzas next times, because everyone over here took two slices and there weren't leftovers.

Other flavors available:
Harvest Supreme
Chicken Bianco
Farmers Market Veggie
Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro
Southern BBQ Recipe Chicken
Tuscan Farmhouse
Hawaiian Style

"FRESCHETTA® By The Slice – One Perfect Slice of Pizza
The fresh taste you love in FRESCHETTA® pizza is now available in FRESCHETTA® By The Slice. A single slice cut from a whole pizza, FRESCHETTA® By The Slice delivers one perfect slice of pizza in minutes with the same premium ingredients and oven-baked taste right out of the microwave."

"Take a few moments out of a busy day and enjoy a slice of pizza topped with generous chunks of white meat chicken, savory mushrooms and spinach on a creamy white sauce. Perfect for a little quiet time."

Freschetta coupon

Freschetta By The Slice Pizza

Variety tasted: Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom

Serving size: 1 large, filling slice of pizza that can be microwaved

Dominant scent while pizza baked: Parmesan

Dominant taste: Mozzarella and basil

Roasted mushroom topping: Delicious, fresh and buttery taste. Tastes like home roasted mushrooms and not the canned variety one normally finds on frozen pizza

Chicken topping: Is moist and juicy, but pieces are too small. Unfortunately, the chicken gets lost behind the rich mushroom. It would be better if the chicken pieces were either larger or left off all together.

Spinach topping: Generous amount. Cooked perfectly with the pizza and wasn't soggy or too finely shredded.

Sauce: Tastes similar to alfredo sauce. Slice has a small amount of sauce, but the small amount works for this pizza variety better than with the Simply Inspired pizza.

Crust: Top of crust is soft and thick. Bottom of the crust is flaky and delicious, with a cheddar after taste. This crust is thicker than that of the Simply Inspired pizza

Overall opinion: A+ for being full of flavor and tasting like fresh from the oven gourmet pizza.

Other flavors available:
BBQ Recipe Chicken
Six Cheese Medley
Vegetable Medley
Here's the storage set. Every piece is very sturdy, easy to clean & doesn't pop open if jostled around in your lunch bag.

LaCuisine Locking Storage Containers
Set Includes:
204 oz Container with Handle on Lid
64 oz Container with Lid
2 pc 25 oz Containers with Lids
17 oz Container with Lid
12 oz Container with Lid

"Silicone Seals Up to 280 F. Refrigerator Safe. FDA Certified"

One lucky reader will receive a smaller version of this storage set (3 pieces) and a coupon to try Freschetta By The Slice. The giveaway rules are simple:
- Leave a comment below telling me which By The Slice variety and Simply Inspired variety you want to try. Entries that do not include both answers will be disqualified
- One entry per person and per household, please
- Please include your name and email address in your entry. I will need to contact the winner for his / her address so Freschetta can mail the prize. If you don't wish to leave your email address, please send me a private message letting know what your email address is and which your entry was your's.
- A random drawing will take place on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 1:15 PM EST. All entries must be received by Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 1 PM EST.

*Update #1: Congrats to Chloe! You are the winner. Please send me your email address and home address to AMW by April 27 at 11:59 PM EST. If I haven't heard from you by then, a runner up will be chosen.
*Update #2: Chloe, received your email. Your prize will arrive in a few weeks.


Amy said...

Love to try the Vegetable Medley & Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro

Danielle said...

-Chicken Bianco
- bbq chicken

Keisha said...

Tuscan farmhouse and six cheese

Tyler said...

hawaiian and veg medley sound good

Christy said...

Harvest Supreme
BBQ Recipe Chicken

Ashley said...

pepperoni pizza
6 cheese pizza

Lauren said...

bruschetta and vegetable medley

Seth said...

vegetable medley
chicken bianco

Kayla said...

chicken bianco

Charlotte said...

bbq chicken

Stacey said...

Bianco and Veggie Medley

Patty said...

bbq chicken

brenda said...

cheese medley

david said...

would buy vegetable medley and tuscan farmhouse pizzas

Chloe said...

Harvest Supreme
Six Cheese Medley

Adrianna said...

Vegetable Medley


Thank you so much for your wonderful review and congrats to your winner!

The Freschetta Team