Saturday, October 27, 2012

Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards, Part 2

As a follow up to a previous post: I found three of the Betty Crocker Sweet Rewards flavors at a gas station today.

Sweet Rewards: Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
This bar had a thick layer of chocolate chip cookie dipped in "chocolatey coating" (or, as the ingredient list says, "chocolate flavored confectionery coating"). The amount of cookie, chocolate chips and coating were perfect. Unfortunately, the taste was on par with your average convenience store cookie: meh vanilla taste, not moist but not exactly dry, slightly crumbly, a forgettable brand of chocolate chips. The fake chocolate coating dragged down the flavor, too. Definitely not worth the $1.49 price tag, unless the recipe is improved down the road.

Sweet Rewards: Devil's Food Bites
I haven't bought cake balls yet, but I assume that's what Betty Crocker had in mind for this product. The Devil's Food Bites smell like a yummy batch of Betty Crocker chocolate frosting. The outer shell is chocolatey coating, while the inside is cake mixed with frosting. There is more cake and frosting than chocolatey coating, so the proportions are just right. The chocolatey coating works much better in this product than in the chocolate chip bar. Each pack comes with three pieces. The Devil's Food Bites don't satisfy my chocolate cake craving, but they do satisfy my desire for a rich creamy chocolate truffle.

Sweet Rewards: Buttercream Bites
The Buttercream Bites were my hands down favorite. When I opened the foil wrapper, it had the same enticing scent as a piece of yellow cake. The proportion of cake, frosting and chocolatey coating is the same as the Devil's Food Bites. The chocolatey coating is a good match for the yellow cake, although I would die of happiness if Betty Crocker upgraded this line with real chocolate coating. That would be total heaven! The Buttercream Bites actually satisfies my craving for a piece of moist yellow cake with chocolate frosting. This flavor is a must have for holiday stocking stuffers. I am okay with paying $1.49 for the Buttercream Bites and Devil's Food Bites because they are both high quality, flavorful and well crafted sweets.

I'm not likely to buy the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar again. I will, however, stock up on more packages of the Buttercream Bites and Devil's Food Bites. Because past experience tells me the tastiest, most uniquely flavored products are the first ones to fall prey to "We don't carry that item anymore. Nobody bought them / or the company randomly discontinued them."

On a side note, I would suggest the following flavor ideas for the Buttercream Bites. Readers, feel free to share what flavors you'd like to see, too!
- Chocolate cake with mint buttercream
- Chocolate cake with coconut buttercream
- Coconut cake with vanilla buttercream
- Cherry cake with chocolate buttercream
- Vanilla cake with almond-vanilla buttercream
- Lemon cake with lemon buttercream or coconut buttercream
- Orange cake with white chocolate buttercream
- White chocolate buttercream with mocha-chocolate cake
- Butterscotch buttercream with white cake
- Caramel buttercream with yellow cake

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