Monday, November 05, 2012

Bimbo Rebanadas Frosted Toast


"Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's two slices of Bimbo's popular Toasted Bread with a sweet creamy vanilla spread in the middle."
While I was in line at a gas station today, I got distracted by a display of cashews and dried fruit. So I got out of line to browse the racks again. On the back of the display was Bimbo Rebanadas Frosted Toast packs, plus other Bimbo Bakeries products. My reaction was "This sounds ridiculous. And it looks like a not very appetizing cream cheese sandwich. But I have to try it anyway. I'm dying to know how this tastes." The cashier who rang me up gave the pack the side eye. He said "You'll be the first brave one in here to try this."

The banana shape is actually some sort of glimmering decoration on the bag. It's not a  shadow from my camera or lighting. 

Each wrapper holds two sandwiches. Note the frosting coming out of the bread.

Which are each the length of half a bag of holiday M&Ms

Yep, they weren't kidding about it being frosted toast. The bread is basically toast that's sat out too long and started to harden. The frosting has a tantalizing buttercream scent. The smell really lingers in the room once the wrapper is opened up. It's gritty and sweet tasting frosting, in a cheap, satisfying, random vending machine indulgence kind of way. Paired with the bread, though, it was an unsatisfying combination. All I could think was "I'm eating frosting. On bread. Why, self, why ? I can't with this nonsense. Peace out."

I was only willing to taste a small bit of Frosted Toast. I couldn't justify eating a whole lunch of frosting on toast. I know logically that Frosted Toast is butter, sugar and carbs. Which is neither better or worse than having your butter, sugar and carbs come from cake. All I know is that my instinct was telling me not to buy this again.  It's like when you see Krispy Kreme burgers on the Food Network or cookie brownie cheesecake sundaes on Pinterest; it makes you think "Holy cow, that is so unhealthy. Okay, I would take a tiny bite just to say I tried it, but that's it. Goodness, I need a salad now to feel less icky." 

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