Sunday, November 04, 2012

Nicole's Cafe: Middleburg, FL

Nicole's Cafe In The Country
2216 South Mimosa Avenue 
Middleburg, FL 32068

As a follow up to this post : I had breakfast at Nicole's. I ordered French toast, bacon, eggs and hash browns. Here's the break down:

-French toast = Homemade and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Definitely not pre-made French toast from a box! It had a cinnamon scent
- Bacon = two super long, crispy strips cooked just right
- Eggs = Large portion of fluffy scrambled eggs. If you have a big appetite, you'll be mighty pleased!
- Hash browns = Big helping. Hot and crisp

Nicole's has a very good breakfast. It was hearty, down home and filling, without being heavy or greasy. Definitely worth having breakfast there again.

*11/04/2012: The cheeseburgers at Nicole's are huge and delicious. You could split one with a friend or take half of it home. Their moist carrot cake is homemade. The bottom of the cake has a satisfying slightly sugary crunch. It is topped with cream cheese frosting made from scratch. This is not that sad box mix carrot cake you've had at Golden Corral, where they've tossed in some carrot strips and called it a day.

-Grilled shrimp and grilled catfish = Delicious and well seasoned. Shrimp were plump. Fish was tender and tasted fresh. Comes with two hushpuppies.
-Banana pudding = Not homemade. But then again, I've yet to see any restaurants out here that make it from scratch anyway.
-Big plate of tuna salad and chicken salad = Served with greens, carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. Plentiful portion. Very tasty salads. Not too dry or too mayonnaise-y. Only suggestion is that they should add in a pinch of nuts and fruit to the chicken salad.
-Field peas mixed with green beans = Seasoned with ham pieces. It's got just the right amount of salt in it. Perfect for the cold weather.

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Deborah Brown said...

A friend and I also had breakfast there. We both enjoyed it. The portions were plentiful and just as we ordered. Can't wait to try the lunch and dinners. A great addition to Middleburg and nice not to have to go up Blanding.