Friday, February 01, 2013

Bad saganaki

I had lunch at a restaurant today (we'll call it Restaurant X). I ordered Greek saganaki as an appetizer, because I've been craving it since I was in Norfolk over the Christmas holiday (I didn't get a chance to visit my beloved Orapax for my usual saganaki fix.) What arrived at my table was a culinary catastrophe: the greasiest, saddest lump of low quality cheese I've ever seen. The saganaki looked like someone fished a hunk of cheese from the bottom of a deep fryer. I had two tiny bites and couldn't eat more. It was just a mouthful of oil. Gross. This was nothing like the hot, delicious saganaki I eat at Orapax, which is set aflame table side and extinguished with fresh squeezed lemon.

Restaurant X took the appetizer off my bill, which I appreciated. But I will never order saganaki from them again. I'm going to stick with Orapax when I want freshly prepared saganaki. Substitutions = no dice, buddy.

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