Thursday, August 29, 2013

Klondike The Candy: Mint & Caramel

You guys know I loved limited edition products. As soon as I see one on the shelf, some part of my brain goes "You must buy a few now! In case they change the recipe or stop making this product next week!" Well, today I was standing at the checkout line at Super Walmart and got quite a surprise: Klondike Ice Cream Bars are now available in candy form! (Unilever's Klondike Bar site does not mention Klondike Candy).The candy packets were on the right side of each checkout stand, under the Slim Jims, Combos and Oreo snack cups. And of course I immediately scooped up 8 of the mint chocolate chip and 4 of the caramel. You know, just to be on the safe side. 

"New! Klondike The Candy. Mint Chocolate Chip"

"4 Pieces Per Pouch"

Klondike The Candy: Caramel
"Caramel Center Covered In A Milk 
Chocolate Flavored Coating"

Each 1.4 oz packet of Klondike Candy contains 4 pieces of candy. Klondike Caramel smells and tastes like a Milky Way bar with slightly thicker, toffee flavored caramel. The caramel was chewier than I care for, although the toffee aftertaste was nice. The milk chocolate coating was neither good nor bad. The caramels were just average to me. I would skip buying this flavor again. Although someone else told me today "So-and-so bought the caramel Klondike candy and she said it was amazing!" So YMMV.

Klondike The Candy: Mint Chocolate Chip
"Mint Chocolate Chip Center, Covered In A Dark Chocolate Flavored Coating"

On the other hand, I absolutely fell in love with Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike. This package had the aroma of York Peppermint Patties. The green filling is thicker than Peppermint Patties, though. The middles are dead ringers flavor and texture wise for pastel colored nonpareil mints. Yum! Paired with the smooth dark chocolate coating, this flavor is a winner for me. The chocolate chips are basically chocolate streaks that don't stand out; but I'm willing to overlook that.

I can honestly say that Klondike The Candy does not remind me of Klondike Ice Cream Bars at all, aside from the outer wrapper. And I was a little disappointed to find out this candy did not have a delicate crunchy shell + a soft, gooey filling. That aside, I would definitely buy Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike again. They are a great alternative to my usual York Peppermint Patties!

*ETA: ZOMG Candy noted that Klondike The Candy is a licensed by Flix Candy. I agree with the points about the greasy spots and how real chocolate would've been better.

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