Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Carmex Blog Squad: Healing Lotion & Cream

Where I live in Florida, the winters are a bit odd. We have sunny, humid weather in the daytime and cooler, windy weather at night. Weeks of both extremes wreak havoc on my skin. This kind of weather requires something different than simply a sunscreen or the usual nightly face cream. The Carmex Blog Squad sent me a product that fits the bill, just in time for Florida's whacky winter weather.

My package from The Carmex Blog Squad contained Carmex Healing Lotion and Carmex Healing Cream. The distinct red and yellow squeezable tubes were in a mesh gift bag, tied with a ribbon. Too cute!

5.5 oz Carmex Healing Lotion
4 oz Carmex Healing Cream
1 oz Carmex Healing Lotion
.75 oz Carmex Healing Cream

5.5 oz Carmex Healing Lotion
4 oz Carmex Healing Cream
1 oz Carmex Healing Lotion

1 oz Carmex Healing Lotion
.75 oz Carmex Healing Cream

You're probably wondering how Carmex Healing Lotion and Carmex Healing Cream compare to each other. Take a walk down the virtual beauty aisle with me:

Carmex Healing Cream (purple label)
"Use to help repair your driest rough skin"
"Non greasy pleasant scent"
"9 Healing ingredients"

- Carmex Healing Cream smells like vanilla frosting when you open the tube.
- When you squeeze a dab on your skin, the scent changes to vanilla mixed with either lemon or lime (lemon and lime are not on the ingredient list). I am a sucker for vanilla mixed with citrus, however they managed to make that scent happen *happy sigh*
- Some of the ingredients include lanolin, bees wax, cocoa seed butter, mineral oil, vanillin. That explains the vanilla scent!
- Carmex Healing lotion is not sticky or waxy when applied to skin. It dried fast on my arms, hands, legs and elbows. My skin became noticably softer within a few minutes. Many other creams take a large glob of cream or long amount of time to notice a difference. I know some of you wear gloves or socks to bed to make your lotion work, ala Miranda Hobbes from Sex and The City. Let's do away with that routine. Treat yourself to a tube of Carmex Healing Cream instead.
- The handwashing test: The true test of skin care is washing your hands. There's nothing more gross than washing your hands and having a gluey wave of skin care product slide right off. And then your hands are suddenly not soft again. It's one of my pet peeves. Carmex Healing Cream did not glop off when I washed my hands. My hands are still velvety smooth, too. Yay!

Carmex Healing Lotion (teal label)
"Use daily to soothe and protect dry skin"
"Non greasy pleasant scent"
"Aloe and vitaman E"

-Carmex Healing Lotion has a scent of honey and vanilla. The lotion takes on a light sunscreen-ish fragrance when it comes in contact with skin.(I do not know if Carmex Healing Lotion has any ingredients in common with suncreen) The smell is fainter than that of the Carmex Healing Cream (purple label); but neither product has an overpowering aroma
-A few ingredients in Carmex Healing Lotion: vitamin E linoleate, aloe leaf juice, beeswax, cocoa seed butter, mineral oil, camphor, menthol and vanillin
- The lotion feels thicker and waxier than the cream when it touches your skin. The only thing I disliked was that initial texture; it gave me the impression Carmex Healing Lotion was going to stay sticky, which fortunately was incorrect. It does dry fairly quickly. The healing lotion also made my hands as equally soft as the healing cream.
- The healing lotion passed the handwashing test, too

I was left with a very positive impression of both the Carmex Healing Lotion and the Carmex Healing Cream. The purple label Healing Cream is fantastic for repairing dry skin, especially in harsh winter weather. The teal label Healing Lotion is a must have for daily skin protection. And with a variety of package sizes to choose from, you can pick up a full size tube for your beside table and some mini tubes for stocking stuffers, holiday travel and your purse. Carmex Healing Lotion and the Carmex Healing Cream will make people take notice of your fabulous skin!

The Carmex Blog Squad will send one lucky duck AMW reader a kit like the one I received. The contest rules are simple: post who you will be gifting Carmex Healing Lotion and Carmex Healing Cream to this holiday season. The contest begins on November 30, 2011 at 2:50 PM EST. One name will be chosen at random on December 6, 2011 at 8 PM EST. The winner's prize will be shipped by the Carmex Blog Squad. One entry per person and per household, please.

*Update 1: Congrats to T! You are the winner. Email me by 8 PM on December 7th with your address. Otherwise the prize goes to the runner up.


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