Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mimi's Cafe, Jacksonville, Florida

(904) 620-0660
Located in New St. Johns Town Center in front of Dillards

I recently tried Mimi's Cafe, a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. It's in the St. Johns Town Center, for all of my Clay County / Duval County people ; ) Mimi's is a chain restaurant, with locations in several states.

The wait was not terribly long. We were given a pager, but it only took 10 minutes to for my parents and I to be seated.

The drinks were terrible. My mom asked for a glass of tea to be halfway filled with sweetened tea, then topped off with unsweetened tea. It tasted like the someone had added the sugar after the tea cooled [the sugar should be added and stirred while
the tea is still hot]. She then asked for a lemonade as a replacement. That drink was not any better. All of three of us agreed it was similar to drinking bottled lemon juice diluted with water. My dad had no complaints about his unsweetened

The bread basket our waitress brought was fabulous. There was one long baguette; it was crispy and warm. There were also three slices of brown bread with nuts and just the right amount of sweetness. I really liked the sweet cream butter
served with the bread.

I ordered the How 'Bout a Quiche - Lorraine, which came with a green salad, fruit, and choice of muffin [blueberry, pumpkin, buttermilk spice, etc]. What struck me as odd was that waitress brought my pumpkin muffin, a pat of butter, and a small gravy boat way before my parents' meals and the rest of my meal were done. I initially thought the gravy boat had cream in it for my muffin. It turned out to be the dressing for my salad.

My salad consisted of iceberg lettuce and one slice each of fresh pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe and orange. A smaller portion of Romaine lettuce or mixed greens would have been a better accompaniment to fresh fruit and quiche. The blue cheese dressing was rather salty, for some odd reason.

The quiche was perfect. The crust was flaky but not too thick. The egg-to-cheese ratio was just right, too.

My dad ordered the pot roast sandwich on a sourdough baguette and the zero grams trans-fat french fries. I didn't taste any of his meal, but he said the meat was nice and moist.

My mom ordered the fries and the French Quarter hamburger with avocado, bacon, Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing on grilled garlic sourdough. I tasted some of her sandwich. Absolutely delicious ! The bread was buttery but not overly garlicky. The hamburger was very juicy.

Would I go back ? Probably. Mimi's Cafe is kind of pricey, but the food is really good.

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