Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Altoids Sours, Part II

The last time I reviewed Altoids Sours, I tasted the mango flavor. Here is the latest batch:

- Raspberry Sours = At the first taste, the raspberry Altoids are great. I was pleased not to encounter the usual sickly sweet artificial taste most raspberry candies possess. The problem was that the taste got worse the longer the candy was in my mouth. They just didn't taste like raspberry after a certain point.
- Citrus Sours = Remember the lemon-lime Tic Tacs I reviewed ? Yeah, these aren't much better. More candy that tastes like Lemon Pledge : X
- Tangerine Sours = After the raspberry and citrus tastings, I thought I was in for another disappointment. But Altoids actually did this flavor right. The tangerine ones actually evoke the full flavor of eating a juicy tangerine.

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