Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amy's Stuffed Pasta Shells

"Tender organic pasta shells stuffed with low fat ricotta and organic vegetables in a genuine Italian tomato sauce and smooth, creamy white sauce. A delightfully rich comfort food, perfect for guests and special occasions."

I wasn't expecting much from the stuffed pasta shells, especially after the blandness that was the pesto bowls. However, this dish turned out to be extraordinary.

I thought the three shells in the bowl would not be enough food for me. But by the second one, I was absolutely stuffed. They were absolute heaven *dreamy eyes* The filling of spinach and ricotta was moderately rich. The shells were not mushy or overcooked. The tomato sauce was very pleasing to me; it was not horribly acidic and overbearing like Hunt's or other brands of tomato sauce. The white sauce was not noticeable. It got lost in the tomato sauce somewhere. Amy's probably should have just stuck with one sauce in the bowl. The white sauce aside, Amy's stuffed shells were luscious and worth buying.

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