Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hershey's Nuggets

I tasted Hershey's Nuggets: Special Dark Chocolate Truffles With Mint recently. I never understood why people said Hershey's chocolate tasted waxy until now. The outer shell is dark chocolate. It doesn't taste like Hershey's usual dark chocolate bar. The inner filling is the consistency of Play-Doh and has a cheap, obnoxious mint flavor [And I normally love mint candies]. This candy is similar in taste and appearance to Brach's Double Dutch Chocolatey Cremes I reviewed before : / If you're looking for outstanding candy, skip Hershey's and buy from See's Candies or River Street Sweets instead.

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Cassie's Kitchen Recipes said...

I really dislike Hershey chocolates since I've become an adult. It's not chocolate.. It's more like chocolate flavored candy. The texture and mouthfeel is just not the same as other chocolates. And their special edition chocolates totally feel like imposters.

If you like nice chocolate, try Dolfins. Awesome, expecially the dark chocolate with pink peppercorns.. Awesome!