Friday, February 16, 2007

Amy's Tofu Scramble W/ Hash Browns & Veggies

"Generous portions of tofu scrambled with organic vegetables with hash browned potatoes on the side make up this delicious meal."

This meal from Amy's was dynamite. First of all, the picture on the box had big slices of tomatoes. I initially thought, "Hmmm, I'll bet they're either chopped up very fine or not in the scramble at all." I was very wrong about that. There were three or four huge tomato slices in the meal. And they were so sweet and juicy to boot! I've never tasted tomatoes that good before : D The mushroom slices were large and fresh tasting, too.

The hash browns were crispy and browned nicely in the microwave. No ketchup was needed ; )

The only let-down was regarding the carrots and zucchini. I assume those were chopped up finely and added to the tofu scramble, because I certainly didn't taste or see either of those vegetables. Other than that, I think this is a kick-butt breakfast meal !

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