Saturday, February 03, 2007

Not pleased with Disney

I noticed something odd going on with Disney. I was watching Hannah Montana the other day [shush, I was waiting for Law and Order to come on : P] and one of the male characters hid the fact that he liked to bake. ["Oh no, my cake dropped -- I mean not my cake, 'cuz, you know, guys don't bake."] That same idea was present in the Disney movie Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off. [I haven't watched that one, so I'm going by commercials I saw and online spoilers I read.] And yet Disney is promoting a That's So Raven spin-off called Cory In the House, where Cory's dad is a chef at the White House.

The idea that cooking and baking makes a man effeminate, gay, weak or whatever else is a poor message for Disney to emphasize. Anyone who's spent time in a professional kitchen knows that chefs -- straight, gay, whatever else-- are a mighty tough lot. And it takes great business skills, creativity, accounting knowledge, resourcefulness and so much more to be a successful chef. It's a shame Disney is showing that 1950s mindset of "cooking is for girls." Kids don't think the culinary arts are strictly a feminine domain until someone tells that to them : P

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