Friday, February 16, 2007

Oven Poppers : Stuffed Flounder

This meal from Oven Poppers consists of two 5 ounce flounder fillets stuffed with garlic, shrimp and almonds. The portion sizes were rather generous; I ate both fillets by myself. However, the taste is another story.

The fish was not flaky. It was bordering on rubbery. While there were plenty of almonds in the flounder, the shrimp were virtually non-existent. I found three or four tiny bits of shrimp in the entire meal. I didn't taste any garlic, either.

The filling on the package is lightly colored and features generous portions of [mostly absent] shrimp. The actual filling was dark brown and mealy. It is made from "Alaska pollack, cracker crumbs, onions, shrimp [eye roll],
almonds, chicken flavor [chicken meat, including chicken juices...]" Oven Poppers put a lot of effort into the packaging, but not into the actual food : P

What should have tipped me off at the store were these lines on the package:
"...our special blending techniques result in a superior tasting product..."
" of the finest lines of frozen seafood dinners and entrees available anywhere..."

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