Friday, August 10, 2007

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls: Bacon

Let's try an experiment. Go in your kitchen and look for a bottle of Bacon Bits. Found it ? Great ! Now open it up and gulp down the whole thing. Not too pleasant, eh ? That is the closest comparison I can give to Jimmy Dean's Breakfast Bowl of bacon, eggs, potatoes and cheddar.

The amount of bacon in one bowl was astoundingly disgusting and salty. My reaction after reading the sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat count was "Holy moley, how did my heart not stop working after one spoonful ?!"

The potatoes were rather mushy, even after being cooked in a frying pan. Yes, I am aware it is a microwave product, dear sweet Jimmy Dean lawyers / or product quality assurance folks. I don't think microwaving, sauteing or balancing it on my nose like a seal would have made a difference.

A big fat [no pun intended] "F" goes to Jimmy Dean.

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