Friday, May 30, 2008

Beigel Beigel Nish Nosh: Mediterranean Herbs

I spotted these "crispy baked snacks" yesterday at Super Wal-Mart. The crackers resemble puzzle pieces sprinkled with seeds [the main ingredients are wheat flour and sesame seeds]. I'm not sure what the Mediterranean herbs are supposed to be; the package simply lists "flavors, flavor enhancers." There is also an allergy warning about barley, rye, egg, mustard,poppy seeds, soy and oats. None the less, I enjoyed these very much. They have a light, pleasant garlic taste. I would buy these again. I think these would go well with a spinach and cheese dip.

*Update: The back of the package says "Zaatar mini crackers." This is what Wikipedia says about Zaatar:

...Za'atar is generally prepared using ground dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, or some combination thereof, mixed with toasted sesame seeds, sumac and salt. Some varieties may add savory, cumin, coriander or fennel seed....

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