Thursday, May 29, 2008

Torestas Black Bean Sour Cream Crackers

I spotted a coupon in the Sunday paper for Lance's Torestas Black Bean Sour Cream on Southwest Crackers. So I bought the 8 count box at Super Wal-Mart this afternoon [each packet has 6 crackers] The package promises "zesty southwest fillings on oven-baked crackers made from stone ground corn."

I don't think the filling tasted like black beans or sour cream; it was more of a Dorrito flavor, which I enjoyed. The crackers were quite tasty, too. They were thick and crunchy, with a wheaty flavor. I would definitely buy these again, even if the name is a little misleading.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOOOOVE the Torestas black bean/sour cream crackers. I can taste the sour cream, but not the black bean, and that's okay. They're still awesome. The crackers themselves are very tasty without the filling.

Anonymous said...

I found these once and love them but cant find them now