Friday, September 05, 2008

Carousel Cakes: New York Cheesecake

Carousel Cakes
5 Seeger Drive
Nanuet, NY 10954

Fax: 845-627-0258

I recently sampled a New York Style Cream Cheesecake from Carousel Cakes. I had previously heard about Carousel Cakes on a wedding message board, but hadn't tried their cakes yet.

I was very pleased with the cheesecake ! It was creamy and delicious. I liked that the cheesecake had a thin bottom layer of white cake instead of the usual graham cracker crust. That really allowed the flavor of the cheesecake to stand out on it's own.

My mother and father loved the cheesecake. My mother's immediate reaction was to say "Come here ! You have got to try this !" [I think I know what they'll order for my birthday : D ] I also shared some of Carousel Cakes' cheesecake with a friend. He is originally from New York and gave the cake a big thumbs up ! I would recommend you all try some for yourself. I'd offer you some of my cheesecake, but most of it is gone already : D

Here are my parents' reviews:

"This tastes good ! It's creamy, a little lemony...."

"Dear Megan: I was very impressed with the slice of cheesecake you shared with me. Years ago,before you were born,there was a NY style deli in Va Beach that was very well known for their cheesecake. This cheesecake brings back fond memories of that cheesecake. I loved the texture.Very creamy and not too sweet. I'm not a fan of cheesecakes that have a lot of crust on it. I loved the fact that there was little crust to this cheesecake. I would not hesitate to order from this company,not only because of the unique quality of their cheesecake,but also because of the packaging it arrived in. I liked the multiple layers of Styrofoam they used to send it. That tells me they know they have a quality package and want their product to arrive in the best possible shape."

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