Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simply Indulgent Gourmet: Carrot Cake Cookies

"9 oz. of satisfying Big Carrot Cake cookies bottomed in White Chocolate"

I purchased a box of Simply Indulgent's cookies at the Cracker Barrel in Salisbury,NC. They looked so enticing, with a picture of fresh carrot cake and white chocolate bottomed cookies on the box.

When I opened the box, it smelled of spice cake. There were about ten large cookies in the package. They looked just as promised. The white chocolate was thick and creamy. The cookies were crisp and had a delicious spice cake flavor. The down side is that they sprinkled carrot strips on top. Stringy carrot strips are not what I want on a cookie. Every time I bit into one, it was like a bird yanking at a worm. Carrot cake requires grated carrots, not shredded carrots.

These cookies were decent, but not worth a repeat purchase.

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Ariyal said...

I just bought a box for the first time at my local T.J maxx. They were really good, especially with the spicy cinnamon. But I do agree, they should have iced the sliced carrots on top.