Friday, February 06, 2009

Hebert Gourmet Chocolate: Fully Loaded Dark Turtle

"Dark chocolate with pecan pralines and toffee chips"

Walgreen's had a basket of Hebert's Full Loaded Dark Turtle at the register. I bought this because turtle chocolates are so delicious to me. What's not to love about pecans, caramel and chocolate ?

This candy had an aroma of rich dark chocolate and buttery toffee. The taste was not as great as the smell, though. The dark chocolate just reminded me of semi-sweet chocolate chips. It lacked richness and bitterness. The toffee and pralines were chopped up too small for my taste.

I found Hebert's Full Loaded Dark Turtle to be average. I would eat one if it was offered to me, but I would not buy these again.

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