Sunday, March 01, 2009

Elmer's Candies: Assorted Chocolates

"Elmer's New Orleans: Great Tasting, Memorable Chocolates"

Left to right:

#1. Light brown circle with caramel filling. The caramel was wonderful! It was buttery. The milk chocolate was pretty decent.
#2. Dark brown circle with gooey brown filling. No clue what flavor that was supposed to be. It was a cross between raspberries & butter and peanut butter. Didn't care for this one.The dark chocolate was weak and lacking kick.

#3. Square with semi-solid brown filling. Tasted like cheap raspberry scented fudge.

#4. Dark brown, drizzled rectangle with gooey orange center. Reminded me of orange juice mixed with melted Skittles. Ew.
#5. Light brown, drizzled rectangle with gooey pink filling. Think of chalky strawberry medicine. Very nasty.

I probably won't buy Elmer's Candies again, unless I could get the caramels by themselves. None of the other flavors appealed to me.

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