Sunday, March 01, 2009

Seattle Chocolates: Te Amo Heart Truffles

"With bold graphics and all natural truffles, this heart box adds just the right amount of fun. Truffle flavors include classic favorites such as Meltaway Mint, Espresso and Extreme Dark Chocolate."

6 Extreme Dark Chocolate (pink), 5 Espresso (purple), 5 Mint (gold)

Espresso (dark brown), Mint (light brown), Extreme Dark Chocolate (dusty)

Espresso = The chocolate was creamy and smooth. There were a few tiny coffee bits inside. Very delicious!
Mint = The milk chocolate was so-so. The mint brought to mind Wrigley's chewing gum. Milk chocolate + the wrong type of mint = yuck!
Extreme Dark Chocolate = I have no idea what was extreme about this candy. It was not rich, bitter or even marginally interesting.

Seattle Chocolates' assorted truffle mix was average. These were not the best solid chocolates I've ever eaten. I'll pass on buying these again.

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