Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ile De France Camembert

"Rich and creamy"
"Imported soft ripened cheese"

Today's recipes were inspired by the awesome Eclipse Chocolat and a delicious sample of Ile De France Camembert.

This was my spin on a grilled cheese sandwich. I used pulled pork (without bbq sauce), Ile De France Camembert and English muffins. The bread grilled just as nice as sliced bread. I enjoyed the creamy flavor of the cheese mixed with the smokiness of the pork.

For dessert, I made a fondue to go with the Camembert. I put eight pieces of dark chocolate Hershey's Bliss candy and a dollop of butter in a double boiler over medium heat. Once the butter and chocolate melted, 1/3 cup crushed blackberries were stirred in. I poured the chocolate in a glass and added a ring of gingersnaps. The final step was dipping pieces of Camembert in the chocolate. I loved the contrasting flavors of the Camembert and gingersnaps. They both played off the blackberry chocolate well. I'll definitely serve this for my next dinner party.

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