Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Piccadilly Happy Memories Contest

It's August. You guys know what that means: squeezing in a few more beach days, cookouts and family trips before the back to school routine starts again. Some of the best memories can come from those gone-too-fast days, though. I fondly remember trips to Piccadilly with my grandmother during summer. You guys know I am a dessert girl, so no surprise which dishes at Piccadilly were my favorite!

That is why I'm happy to announce the Piccadilly Happy Memories contest : ) Share a photo or an essay plus a photo about your best memories of dining at Piccadilly.The five best essays / essays plus a photo will win a $10 Piccadilly gift card. A meal at Piccadilly would be perfect for making unforgettable memories with friends and family!

Contest rules:
-Essays for the Piccadilly Happy Memories contest will be accepted from Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 3:00 PM EST to Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 3:00 PM EST.
- Judging will take place from Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 3:01 PM EST to Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 3:01 PM EST.
- Winners will be announced after 3:01 PM EST on Wednesday, September 2, 2009.
- Five winners will each receive one $10 Piccadilly gift card.
- One entry per person, per household, per email address
- One prize per person, per household, per email address
- The prize must be accepted as awarded. No substitutions will be made.
- The winners will be the five best essays / or essays plus a photo, as determined by Allison Meets World.
- Partial / incomplete entries will be disqualified.
- Winners will be sent their Piccadilly gift cards via US mail. So I must be able to contact you about your mailing address. Make sure to leave your blog address on your contest entry.
- "I have a photo for my entry, but I don't feel comfortable sharing my image online. Can I email my entry to you instead ?"
Yes, that is fine. Send it to AllisonMeetsWorld(at)yahoo.com, subject line "Piccadilly Happy Memories Contest."
- "Is a photo required ?"
A photo is optional. You may enter either an essay by itself or an essay plus a photo.
- If Allison Meets World determines there is any suspected or actual tampering with the essay contest, AMW reserves the right to void the tampered entries.

*Update: Don't forget to leave your first name on your entry, if you don't have a blog. Under the comment box, click on "Choose an identity", then choose "Name / URL (Optional)."
**Update #2: AMW is extending the entry deadline to September 2 at 8 PM EST.
**Update #3: Congratulations to our winners: Joan Bell, Carter Nasmith, Ted Sherwin, Lena Miller & Maureen Clare. All the winners need to contact me by Saturday September 5 at noon with their email addresses, so I'll know where to mail each gift card. Otherwise, your prizes will be awarded to the runners up.
**Update #4: Gift cards have been mailed out : )


Joan Bell said...

As an organizer of motorcoach tours for mostly senior citizens (from 1 to 10 days),I have taken my groups to a Picadilly's in several cities, particularly Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia, for lunch and dinner. The variety of foods on the buffet, the presentation of the foods to make them more appealing, the pleasant attitude of the staff, and - last but not least - the taste of the food always made our visits most enjoyable. As we'd get into line, some of the guys on the tours would jokingly say, "Are you sure we'll be able to get enough to eat here to last us until our next meal?" Then, after eating and reboarding the motorcoach, I'd always ask if everyone got enough to eat. Some of the "smarties" would say, "No, I wanted more but my tummy just won't hold it." We have never had anything but fantastic experiences at every Picadilly's we visited. If anyone ever goes to a Picadilly's and does not get enough of good, tasty food to satisfy their appetite, then it's something wrong with them!!

Anonymous said...

Now my memory is a bit fuzzy due to my health but I blog as best I can remember. My friend reminded me that we had Our Union meetings at Piccadilly. I vaguely remmeber the meeting where all the newest members were there. We had to pay for Our meals but they were so worth it. The food was great! That I can remember, so yummy! The many problems of Our craft was mentioned and debated but all I remember was the food. I did ringlead the rebellion and did stand up and talk which for a shy person was quite a fete. I actually remember saying hey if I could round up 26 people to the meeting I was good at this and later became a shop steward. Now my grammar skills are awful but Piccadilly's food was the night. I miss my world pre 911. I was disabled memory wise due to suspicious pneamonia twice during that time. I never got my disability benefits due to guess what ? I couldn't do the paperwork. LOL worked out great for the Government but not so great for me. :( I still love Piccadilly!

Anonymous said...

It has been a long time since I've been to Picadilly's, but it was very enjoyable when I went.

Carter Nasmith said...

The first time I ever went to Piccadilly was three years ago on a blind date. The date turned out to be a dork, but I loved the food ! I may not have found my prince charming at Piccadilly, but I found the way to his stomach when I do find him-Piccadilly!

Ted Sherwin said...

My fondest memory of Piccadilly was the year I promised to take my son and his friends camping up at the lake. On the way to the lake,the car broke down. Since it was going to be about 2 hours before the car was fixed,and the kids were screaming for food, I took them to Piccadilly and let them chow down.

The food was so great and the kids were so full,we didn't have to fix a special meal for them when we reached the campground!

Lena Miller said...

My husband and I are senior citizens. We both remarried at the the age of 60 and 63. Since both of us had been married in elaborate ceremonies the first time,we decided to have a quiet but tasteful ceremony and reception in our preacher's home.

After the ceremony and reception, we headed on down the road and decided to eat our first meal together as husband and wife in Piccadilly. We enjoyed it so much that every year now we make a roadtrip to a Piccadilly in another town to commemorate our wedding anniversary. It makes for a wonderful adventure visiting a new town and we are never disappointed.

Maureen Clare said...

I remember as a teenager back in the 70s dining in Piccadilly for the first time. I had never been in a cafeteria with so many choices. I remember thinking that the dining room was as luxurious as what the Queen of England dined in every night. Piccadilly still has that same effect on me after all these years.