Sunday, September 04, 2011

Carmex: Ultra Moisturizing & Moisture Plus

How I love September! It's a mix of back to school shopping, elegant fall weddings and getting in those last beach days before the weather changes. All three events are very different, but they have one thing in common that makes of all them a hit: Carmex Lip Balms. The Carmex Blog Squad sent AMW a fabulous package that proves autumn + Carmex = a great way to kick off the season.

Carmex Moisture Plus Satin Gloss Finish, Carmex Ultra Moisurizing Vanilla Stick, Carmex Ultra Moisturizing Lime Twist Stick, Carmex picnic blanket

Carmex Vanilla Stick

Carmex Lime Twist Stick

The first two products I tested were the Carmex Vanilla Stick and the Carmex Lime Twist Stick.

- Ingredients (partial list): Cocoa seed butter, meadowfoam, camphor and beeswax. The camphor adds a nice cooling sensation to the lip balm

- Ease of use: Simply twist the round bottom of the tube to raise the lip balm. The down side is that the twisting mechanism is super loud. It's like winding a noisy watch. I'm one of those women who likes to discretely add a little lip balm on the go (and not have 10 people stare), so hopefully the twisting piece can be made less noisy in the future.

- Scent: I honestly couldn't detect a vanilla scent with the Carmex Vanilla Stick. What I smelled was a pleasant lemon aroma. However, other people told me "Smells like vanilla to me...What scent is it ?...I thought it was vanilla." The Carmex Lime Twist Stick, however, had a beautiful, tropical lime scent.

- Taste: Carmex Vanilla Stick tasted like a lemon lollipop. Not vanilla to my lips, but delicious none the less. Who doesn't love lemon lollipops ?
Carmex Lime Twist Stick brought to mind lime lollipops. Definitely a craveable flavor!

- The water bottle test: I applied the Carmex Vanilla Stick. I then drank from a water bottle several times, over an extended period of time. Not once did I need to reapply my lip balm or wipe off the top of the water bottle (although the package does say to reapply after swimming). Carmex Lime Twist Stick held up equally well.

- Bonus points: For being SPF 15, availability at three well known stores (Walgreens, Walmart and CVS) and having three extra moisturizers. Also of note is the safety seal on the tube. Obviously the outer package is sealed; but it is comforting to know there's a second safety barrier between my cosmetics purchase and the outside world.


The third product I tested was the Carmex Moisture Plus Satin Gloss Finish

- Ingredients (partial list): Vitamin E, aloe butter, beeswax, shea butter fruit, camphor and avocado butter. It's like treating yourself to a day of pampering at the spa!

- Ease of use: Twist the top of the tube to extend or retract the lip balm. Carmex Moisture Plus Satin Gloss Finish can be used, according to the package, "under or over lipstick" or by itself. You know how I've often griped about putting sticky lip balm on over lipstick ? No more, my friends.

- Scent: Random lime scent (lime isn't listed on the package). Lightly sweet but not cloying or overpowering

- Taste: A cooling and soothing lime taste. Definitely not sticky or gloppy, as many lip balms tend to be.

- The water bottle test: Passed with flying colors. Carmex Satin Gloss smoothly rolls onto your lips smoothly and stays put for a long time.

- Bonus points: Containing sunscreen / SPF 15, having a thin slanted tip, not falling apart or melting after a few uses and not being tested on animals

I loved the Carmex Moisture Plus Satin Gloss Finish, Carmex Vanilla Stick and the Carmex Lime Twist Stick. Each lip balm is long lasting, smells divine and is a must have for fashionable women this fall. This trio of lip balms makes a great bridesmaid gift for fall weddings. Especially since bridal party pictures are taken outdoors for at least an hour every time, in sun, wind or cold. Carmex is also perfect to send to the busy college girl in your life. College students need that Carmex lip care for their 24/7, always on the go life. But don't forget about pampering yourself. Pack Carmex lip balms for your Labor Day beach trip. Your lips will thank you!


I have a surprise for all of you. The Carmex Blog Squad will provide one lucky AMW reader with the same kit I received (the lip balms + the cozy blanket pictured below). The Carmex blanket is reversible, with fleece on one side and a smooth, flat surface on the other. It has a handle and a velcro strip to hold the folded blanket. There's also a cute pouch attached to the blanket. Carmex lip balms can be tucked into the pouch for beach outings.

To enter the contest, post which flavor of the twist sticks you want to try. Be sure to include your name and email in your post. If you aren't comfortable posting your email address, please email AMW and let me know which entry belongs to you. One entry per person, please. The contest will run from 9:30 PM EST on 9/4/2011 and ends at 4 PM EST on 9/5/2011. The winner will be randomly chosen on 9/4/2011 at 4:10 PM EST. Carmex will mail the prize kit to the winner. Good luck, everyone!

*Update #1: Congrats to L.K. You are the winner of a Carmex kit. Please email me your address by 8 PM tonight. Otherwise the prize will go to the runner up.
*Update #2: Thank you, L.K. Expect your prize from Carmex in a few weeks.


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