Friday, November 25, 2011

Lesson Of The Day: Black Friday

If you're like me and (1) have a huge sweet tooth and (2) usually refuse to venture out on Black Friday, learn from my mistakes. I really should have stocked up on sweets, drinks and junk food before today, which is Black Friday. I was down to a little bit of milk and a boxed cake mix with peppermint frosting that did not taste like the package promised (blech!). So I convinced myself that, yes, a carton of ice cream was worth a trip out. Bought the lowest price ice cream, took it home and went "Ugh, this tastes nasty. Why did I buy a cheapo brand ? I should have splurged on a better brand of ice cream." The only saving grace was that I'd also picked up decaff tea, a Fannie May Mint Meltaway and a Russell Stover Dark Chocolate & Coconut Cream Santa. Not gonna let this happen again next year.

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