Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Russell Stover Red Velvet Santa

When I stopped in Walgreen's tonight, they had the seasonal Christmas candy on the shelves. I spotted Russell Stover Red Velvet Santas In Dark Chocolate and just had to try them.

Each piece of candy is 1.25 ounces. When I opened the foil wrapper, the candy had a delicious red velvet / chocolate cake smell. The outer shell is a thick layer of dark chocolate (just the right amount, in my opinion). The dark chocolate was average quality, not great but not bad either.

The red velvet filling was a let down. The filling was the color of red velvet. But that was where the similarities ended. I assumed the filling would either be creamy or gooey, like many other Russell Stover candies. I guessed wrong. It had the thickness and pliability of rubber cement or putty; I was able to form a small ball with it in my hand. I honestly couldn't tell you what the taste reminded me of, aside from "definitely not red velvet." It seemed like someone started out with red icing and decided to add thickener until it was no longer sweet or stirrable.

Here's a partial ingredient list: Dark chocolate, Vanillan, White Chocolate, Red Velvet Cake Mix, Egg Whites, Condensed Milk, Butter, Cocoa Powder.

Would I buy the red velvet Santas again ? Nope. Would I eat them if somebody gave them to me for Christmas ? Yeah. I mean, they're not gross or funky tasting. I'd probably eat them for the sake of not wasting food or because there wasn't any other candy in the house.

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Anonymous said...

I had the opposite opinion. I loved them and could not wait to eat another one.