Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Plum Baby

Lately I've been stopping in the baby food aisle when I grocery shop. It's a good place to find healthier ingredients and smaller portioned servings of your favorite foods, whether you're shopping for your own little ones or just trying to eat healthier. It just requires a little label reading and an adventurous appetite! Plus many baby foods double as handy, preportioned recipe ingredients. My own mother even has a delicious recipe for plum cake using baby food.

I recently learned about a line of organic baby and toddler food from the folks at Plum Baby. Their products use natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial additives. Plum Baby is made with responsibly sourced ingredients, including quinoa. Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and fiber. This is a great find for those of us who have dozens of quinoa recipes on our Pinterest boards and are looking for new ways to consume it. I also like the fact that farmers producing quinoa for Plum Baby receive a fair profit for their work.

The biggest hurdle when you choose a baby food is, obviously, taste.   You know how picky babies and toddlers can be. One week their favorite food is green beans, the next week they only want yellow foods. Plum Baby provides a variety of meals, finger foods and purees in palate pleasing textures and flavors to keep up with your wee one's every changing taste buds. What baby wouldn't love noshing on fruity yogurtapple and apricot porridge,  multigrain and tomato crispy rings or french bean & beef stew ? I would eat all of those myself! My lunch box never contains treats like aubergine and lamb moussaka or bread and butter pudding; so I am going to be a bit cranky next time I open it and look at my ham sandwich and chips.

Plum Baby has a list of stores that carry their products.You can even purchase Plum Baby online.  Tasty, responsibly sourced food for your baby ? Check. Grocery list ? Check. Meal plan for the week ? Oops, you probably forgot that again, like I often do. Let's make one together. How about some yummy recipes, such as mango and banana pudding or minestrone with rice and tomatoes ? Bonus points: you can use Plum Baby in the recipes. That'll save you an extra trip looking for cooking ingredients. And your child will think you whipped up completely different meals every time. Clever thinking, all you moms and dads out there. Between Plum Baby's yummy recipes and amazing bundle offers, you'll feel like a rock star for conserving time and energy, plus keeping the weekly grocery budget in check.

Plum Baby is definitely worth trying. With a variety of flavors to choose from, there is a meal or snack to please even the most fickle of toddlers. If your family has tasted Plum Baby, let me know what your baby or toddler thought of it in the comment section. Also, be sure to check out Plum Baby's weaning tips and Plum Mums, where you can sign up for the chance to interact with other parents.

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