Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slim Fast Nacho Cheese Snack Bites

Since it's January, all the new diet foods are hitting store shelves. I saw Slim Fast Nacho Cheese Snack Bites in several different stores, which piqued my interest. With only 1 gram of sugar and 100 calories a serving, the snack bites seemed worth trying.

Slim Fast Nacho Cheese Snack Bites are made from whole grain yellow corn flour, brown rice flour, cheddar, dried onion, dried tomato, dried garlic and sour cream. Each box has five .84 ounce mini packets of snack bites. The chips are sort of shaped like Bugles Corn Snacks. They're thicker and crunchier than chips or crackers but  less so than beer nuts or Combos Pretzel snacks. 

The snack bites have an odd seasoning. It starts out as sort of pizza flavored and then turns into an almost-but-not-exactly-there Doritos taste. For the first couple of pieces, the snack bites tasted good. After a few more samples, it melded into just "meh, it's okay." To be blunt: Slim Fast Bites are the kind of food you buy while waiting around at the mechanic's shop, when you're too hungry for gum alone but are forcing yourself to refrain from having a big Honey Bun and a soda. And then you find yourself saying on the way out "Ugh, I need to brush my teeth to get rid of this taste. Or at least stop at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. I'm starving. All I had were snacks I really didn't enjoy." 

Slim Fast Nacho Cheese Snack Bites are okay, not great. Plus the $4+ price tag is steep. The grade I'd give would be a C. 

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