Monday, May 15, 2017

Sphere: Island Party, Part 1

Feast Of The Islands
Tropical island themed party
Sphere Magazine, August 1974

It's 1974. You're in a summer party mood. What are you gonna do ? Break out the vaguely Hawaiian decorations, of course. But wait, this is "not an easy summer party." You're not supposed to just pull last summer's decorations out of the attic. Uh oh!  
I wondered at first why Sphere was sort of discouraging the reader from making paper flowers & pompoms. Both are easy crafts, after all.
Then I found out the motive for nudging readers away from the flowers. You're not just throwing an impromptu faux luau. You're spending the next three weeks making cushions, a shirt, a sarong & an idol (out of chicken wire, paper mache, sand, flour, water & enamel paint). Prioritize, 1974 ladies, because it's gonna get ugly before you ever sip that first Betty Crocker approved cocktail. There will be tears. Click your heels together three times & say "There's no place like Party City." 

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