Monday, May 15, 2017

Sphere: Island Party, Part 2

Feast Of The Islands
Tropical island themed party
Sphere Magazine, August 1974

“And when you emerge, create a special sensation in a simple but elegant sarong skirt. Mrs. John Schroder (opposite page, left), hostess for our island feast, wears the skirt with grace as she shows her husband and a party guest several servings of Tropical Dessert, pineapple halves filled with luscious fruit."

Is it just me, or does Mr. Schroder look like Kody Brown from Sister Wives ? And no lie, I recently saw a real estate listing with a bathroom in the same color & pattern as the party guest's outfit. Yikes.
I know some of you are singing Les Poissons from The Little Mermaid right now! The salads look pretty tasty.

“Once your guests are convinced they’re on an island paradise, bring out the entrees”

That might take a while. In the mean time, the Schroders might want to pass around whatever Early Coachella Lady at the end took because she sure looks...happily in her own little world. 
“Island Dream Pie (below) is nothing less than fattening, filling & irresistible”
 Nothing motivates a 1974 gal to plan a party for three weeks & sew her own party outfit like "Your food is fattening." Coincidentally (or not), there's two weight loss ads in this issue; one is for Weight Watchers & the other is for a diet plan approved by a "noted woman diet specialist."

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