Thursday, January 29, 2009

Farm Rich Snack Slices

I grabbed these at Super Wal-Mart tonight for a little taste test:

Farm Rich Mini Stuffed Panini Slices
"Grilled flatbread with 100% real Mozzarella, Romano & Parmesan cheeses, all white meat chicken, crispy bacon, and a savory artichoke pesto sauce."

The panini slices basically look the same as the quesadillas on the outside. Both have grill marks and a light brown crust. The noticeable difference is the sprinkling of spices on top of the the paninis.

The crust of the paninis is crunchier than the quesadillas. It reminded me a bit of a soft pretzel. The spices on top were vaguely garlicky. I did not care for the mix of bacon and chicken; it was too many salty flavors at once. The amount of cheese was just right. I did not see any pesto sauce, even when I cut open a snack bite. There was just a pesto flavored aftertaste.

Farm Rich Mini Quesadilla Slices
"Thin authentic tortilla-style crust stuffed with a special blend of 100% real Mozzarella, Cheddar, & Monterrey Jack cheeses, grilled all white meat chicken, and a zesty tomatillo salsa."

The quesadillas had a soft, flaky crust. There was plenty of cheese and chicken. The slices had a small, delicious bite of heat from jalapenos, chili pepper and cayenne pepper. I did not taste any tomatillo salsa.

Overall, I liked the quesadillas better than the paninis. The mix of flavors in the quesadillas was less busy. Also, I found the quesadillas more appealing for dunking in a variety of sauces. The paninis weren't bad, just not as appealing to me as the quesadillas. I'm hoping Farm Rich will come out with more flavors soon.

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