Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ferrero Rondnoir Dark Chocolates

"A unique combination of dark chocolate cream surrounding a 'black pearl' of fine dark chocolate, within a delicate, crisp wafer...topped with crunchy dark chocolate morsels."

"Crunchy dark chocolate morsels" = Tasted like semi-sweet chocolate chips. This layer also had a mint flavor in all three pieces. I'm not sure why.
"Delicate, crisp wafer" = Thick but bland
"Rich dark chocolate cream" = Reminded me more of milk chocolate than dark
"Black pearl of fine dark chocolate" = Had more of a dark chocolate flavor than the other layers

I have mixed feelings about the Rondnoir chocolates. They were fairly good, but not enough to be amazing. I would probably only buy these again if I was decorating a cake and putting the sliced in half pieces on top. I prefer my old favorite much more, the Confetteria Raffaello with coconut and cream.

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