Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boyer Milk Chocolate Mallo Cup

"Made in the USA"

The other day, I was at a convenience store shopping for treats for the blog.  I saw a stack of Boyer Mallo Cups next to the cash register. I actually blurted out "OOH, MALLO CUPS! I'LL TAKE ONE OF THESE, TOO!...OOH, SNICKER'S MARATHON. I'LL TAKE THAT....IS THAT  A BASKET OF KENTUCKY FUDGE ? WHAT FLAVOR IS THIS ? I CAN'T TELL --- *notices cashier's dead stare* Cough cough, um, which button do I press for credit ?" Apparently I have the same attention span and self control my cats have when I fill up their food bowls. Oops. That aside, I bought the Mallo Cups because I always hear people squeeing about "Those are hard to find but so delicious, too!"

Each packet has two milk chocolate cups with whipped creme centers. Bits of coconut are in the chocolate. The filling is really gooey marshmallow. Without the coconut, the chocolate and the marshmallow aren't standouts. But after taking a bite of all three flavors together, I did experience that sugary kid on Easter morning satisfaction that comes from indulging in chocolate, marshmallow and coconut all at once. I would probably only buy Mallo Cups to fill Easter baskets, though. I don't crave marshmallow the way many other people do.

Random bonus shot: Mallo Cups come with play money cards, which can be redeemed for prizes or cash. This 5 point card stated I need 500 points (100 Mallo Cup purchases) to receive a $1 rebate check. Oy vey, that's crazy

*ETA: After I wrote this post, I noticed Boyer had a picture of Butterscotch Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups on their site. For real ?! Be still my heart!

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